Gu's Embroidery Arts
Gu's Family Male Heir: Mr Guyulai ,stitching in random,
focus in Embroidery Arts Apprciation

Hongkong Gu's Embroidery designs and sells Su Embroidery
which leads in the Top Four Embroidery Genres in china ,and series of products sealed with Gu Brand are of super quality of Su Embroidery.

The Gu's family is the spiritual center of Gu's Embroidery. For
hundred years, Gu's family practices flat stitching generation after
generation, and they split one silk strand into more thinner strands to
stitch the traditional patterns like birds and goldfish with the effect of
elegance and vividness just following traditional Su Embroidery.
From the 1980's , the Gu's family heir learned from the Random Stitch
masters, they creatively adopt the concept of color and shape in the
western oil paintings, cross the threads of different colors ,different
thinness and different length ,they stitch layer after layer, to obtain
the interplay of shadow and highlights that brings a painting to life.
After 1990's , Gu's family embroider the reproductions of portraits and
oil painting in random skill, and brings the art of cross stitch to the
highest excellence possible.

The phylosophy of Gu's Embroidary is to success the excellence of
traditional chinese culture, employing the excellence of other cultures
worldwidely, and promote the art and industry of Embroidery.Gu's
employees are not only producing the Embroidery physically, but also
spreading the culture of embroidery .So far,Gu's embroidery runs
gallery in Mainland and Hongkong , received numerous art
connoiseurs and collectors from domestic and foreign countries

Gu's Embroidery Arts shares the perfect arts with you.