1.Breeding Silk
2.Fix the Fabric 3.Sketch the
4.Split Thread

Su Embroidery has 2500 years history in Suzhou.It mainly composes of the pure silk as raw material The artisans dye the silk threads with thousand kinds of different colors in their workshop.Embroidery ladies may select the silk fabric and silk threads from there. Su embroidery mainly takes the domestic and overseas famous paintings or photographies as the original design and it is all made by hand.

Before embroidering, embroidery ladies will fix the silk fabric over a quadrangled wooden stretcher,and it will be tightened from four directions⑵ Then the original design will be sketched on the silk fabric ,and all the different color position will be marked in proportion Embroidery ladies match thread colors according to the original. Embroidery lady hangs the silk threads in front of her frame ,takes one strand, and splits it into more thinner strands Embroidery ladies
usually cover the finished part with paper in order to protectthe original color.During the process, the quadrangled wooden stretcher keeps the pattern in right proportion.